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Franco ori was affected too by the corona

Ori Franco

The man behind the art resides in a small town in Italy called Modena. He started creating “this sort” of art in 1984, as he connected his passions of music and painting for his exhibition entitled “Ascolta Occhio,” or “Listen Eye.” Since then, he has created literally hundreds of pieces and now wants to share them with the masses.


Canvas Paintings


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About Franco Ori Art

Launched in 2018, Franco Ori chose to release his art to the masses. When you purchase a Franco Ori print or original, you don’t receive a tube in the mail that you later store in your closet, thumbtack to your wall or have to go pay someone to frame.  Instead you receive a gift- a love worthy canvas framed piece of art that resonates with history and magic. It’s our commitment to ship the highest quality product, continually inspired by the greatness of those artists who’ve walked before us.